Aqua Clarity Concentrate 6 oz

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The Aqua Clarity Hot Tub program serves as a dual-purpose product for your hot tub. Once the concentrate is mixed with water, it is to be used to purge your hot tub AND it also serves as your weekly maintenance program for your hot tub. Aqua Clarity contains 128 ounces of “magic” once mixed with water. This program is designed to be a low-plastic, just-add-water concept where we supply the concentrate, you supply the container and do the mixing. It is very important to note that you must first mix the 6 oz. of Aqua Clarity Concentrate with water before using this product in your hot tub. Do not pour the 6 oz. directly into your hot tub.

By using Aqua Clarity (AC), your hot tub maintenance protocol will become the easiest you’ve ever thought possible. If your hot tub plumbing has never been bio-cleaned using an effective “purge” or a “purge” has not been performed on a regular basis, we recommend that this be done using our Aqua Clarity program. Aqua Clarity is the product you need to complete an effective “purge.” Use 3 oz. of the mixed Aqua Clarity per every 100 gallons for your “purge.” Once the hot tub has been purged, refilled and your water balance chemistry is stabilized, your tub is now ready to begin using the Aqua Clarity as a Weekly Maintenance program. Simply add 1 ounce of the ready-made Aqua Clarity product per 200 gallons of water capacity WEEKLY to your hot tub.

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