Pass Through Fitting

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As of July 6, 2021 we are including the fitting that screws into the pass through plug in the filter compartment. This is due to a growing number of customers having problems with leaky fittings. This change does not affect Amazon stock until it is cycled through. If you are an Amazon customer and need […]

ace salt display

Customer Report

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Got a call from a customer that purchased his cell July 2017 saying his system wasn’t working. He said his salt level was good but after asking him some questions, I recommended he add about 3 cups of salt. Here is his response: Thanks Lance, you really are The Hot Tub Wizard. I added 3 […]

My System Isn’t Working With New Cell

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Sometimes we get emails and calls about a new replacement cell not working. This can be caused because your old cell was telling you your salt was low so you added more but actually put too much in so the new cell is causing system to shut down. The simple solution is to drain and […]