Recommendations to save money on maintenance –

Further explanation in the Saltwater Spa Scriptures PDF download with purchase or can be ordered at no charge in store on this site.

ACE® Salt – Substitute with NON IODIZED table salt, canning and pickling salt or solar salt.

Concentrated Chlorinating Granules – DO NOT USE Replace with household bleach

MPS Oxidizer – Can use or substitute with 2 cups of household bleach monthly. Ozone eliminates need for this.

pH Up – Use small amounts of baking soda

pH Down – Use white vinegar

Defoamer – Use phosphate remover to keep foam down and reduce sanitizing load, enabling lower power setting

Stain & Scale Defense – Unnecessary in most cases

5-Way Test Strips

Clean Screen™ Pre-Filter – Only needed for well water, many hose filter substitutes available

Vanishing Act Calcium Removers – Do not use, will actually make water corrosive.

ACE® is a registered trademark of Watkins Manufacturing Corp., makers of Hot Spring® spas. Pool Spa Efficiency LLC is not affiliated or endorsed by Watkins in any way.