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The new Infinity Filter. Quite possibly the last filter you will ever need. Easy to clean, better filter circulation and outstanding water quality. Full 60 day satisfaction guaranty. Comes with an extra filter media bag to swap out when ready to clean. Please choose option for the filter you have. For a limited time, buy 4, get one free. Just order 4 and a fifth will automatically be sent.

For many years, the hot tub industry has changed except for the filter technology. Every hot tub owner knows what a pain it is to clean their filters and they don't last but a year or two. That has now changed for the better.

Cartridge filters for hot tubs have many disadvantages and maintaining them is a pain and millions of them are in landfills.

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1.5" fine threads for:

  • coleman Spas
  • Costco Spas
  • Hotspring Spas (Simply unscrew the suction tube, then the thread is underneath) 1-5 filters ACEĀ® salt cartridges can be placed outside the filter.
  • Hotspring LIMELIGHT Spas (Simply unscrew the suction tube that holds down the filter, then the thread is underneath)
  • hydro Spas
  • Infinitas Whirlpools (Natural Spa)
  • Maax Spaswith thread (without toploader see variant)
  • vita Spas

Thread dimensions:

1 1/2" fine thread - OD approx. 45mm

1 1/2" coarse thread -OD approx. 45mm

2" coarse thread - OD approx. 57mm

2" fine thread - OD approx. 57mm

1.5" SAE Course thread:

2" MIP Fine thread

  • Artesian Spas
  • Aqua Via Spas
  • cal Spas
  • Hotspring Spas Hotspot Series (just unscrew the upright, then there is a 2" fine thread)
  • Master Spas
  • Marquis (Signature SpasSeries, Vector Series)
  • Passion Spas (Dream 7 model)
  • Sundance Spasuntil 2007
  • Jacuzzi old J200, J230, J270, J280
  • Jazzi Spas2&3
  • diamond Spas

2" SAE course thread

  • Aida Whirlpools: Belize I (requires 2 filters!), Capri I&II (requires 2 filters!), Jamaica I&II, Laguna I&II Edition, Madeira I (needs 2 filters!), Moorea I, Playa smartrelax (needs 2 filters!), Rio I&II Edition, Riva smartrelax, Samoa I&II
  • Allseas Spas / Riptide Spas and Swim Spas
  • Bull Frog Spas /Villeroy&Boch
  • Canadian Spasfrom 2014 (except Yukon)
  • Delphi Spas
  • Eago Whirlpools
  • Fitt (BauhausSpa)
  • Fonteyn Spas / Arrigato Spas / PassionSpas with freestanding Filter (EGO3 Toploader for shaft filter)
  • Infinitas Whirlpools (Natural Spa)
  • jacuzzi
  • lagoon Spas
  • Sunbelt Spas
  • Waterwave Spas
  • Wellis

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